Voter Information

Am I eligible to Vote?

You’re eligible to vote if you are:
  • A Canadian citizen.
  • 18 years or older on Election Day.
  • A Nunavut resident for at least one year on Election Day
You’re not eligible to vote if you:
  • Have a court order that says you don’t understand your actions - you can’t decide things for yourself. OR
  • Broke the laws under the Criminal Code and you‘re in a place for people with mental illness. OR
  • Broke an election law somewhere in Canada in the last five years and were convicted.

What does ‘Nunavut resident‛ mean in the Nunavut Elections Act ?

The Nunavut Elections Act says if you’re away at school, in hospital, or in jail you can vote if you still call Nunavut your home. You vote for a candidate in the constituency you call home.

Voters that move to a different community in the same constituency vote in their new home community. Voters that move outside Nunavut for a permanent job are not residents.

Each voter can only vote once. If a voter has two homes in different places they vote where they live more than six months of the year.

Elections Nunavut makes a list of all Nunavummiut who have the right to vote. It is a list of all registered voters. The voters list has your name, mailing address, and civic address - your house and lot number. Elections Nunavut uses the voters list to keep track of who voted during an election. They only use the voters list during elections and keep the information on it very safe. No one uses the voters list for jury duty.

More information and documents are available in the Documents, Forms and Legislation Section