Who Can Be a Candidate?

A candidate is a person who runs in an election. The candidate who receives the most votes in a constituency (voting district) becomes the Member of the Legislative Assembly for that constituency.

Who Can Be a Candidate?

If you can vote, you can be a candidate.

Constituency Rules

You can be a candidate in any constituency in Nunavut, not just the one you live in. But, you can be a candidate in only one constituency at a time.

Employer Rules

Check with your employer! Some employers have rules for employees who are candidates. For example, you might have to take a leave of absence during election time.

Disqualifications from Being a Candidate

There are some special disqualifications from being a candidate. You cannot be a candidate if you are:

  • An employee of Elections Nunavut;
  • An employee of the Government of Nunavut who did not take a leave of absence;
  • A member of the House of Commons, Senate, or legislature of another territory or province;
  • A judge (except in a citizenship court);
  • A person who is in jail and will still be in jail after election day;
  • A person who did not follow a compliance agreement from the last election; OR,
  • A financial agent or candidate in the last election who did not file their campaign financial return on time.

A member of the Legislative Assembly may leave their seat because they’re charged with or convicted of a crime under Nunavut or Canadian laws. This person can be a candidate again only five years after the constituency elects someone else to take their place.