How Do I Become a Candidate?

  1. Read Elections Nunavut’s guides:

  2. Check with your employer.

    Some employers have rules for employees who are candidates. For example, you might have to take a leave of absence during election time.

  3. Choose a Financial Agent.

    This person manages all the money for your campaign. They take contributions from supporters, pay expenses, and help you do your financial report after the election. You and your financial agent must both sign your Declaration of Candidacy.

  4. Declare your candidacy.

    Fill out the Declaration of Candidacy. It must be signed by you and your Financial Agent. Take it to your local Returning Officer or Assistant Returning Officer.

    You must do this between 35 to 31 days before election day. The cut-off on the last day is at 2 pm (local time).

    You must provide a $200 deposit with your Declaration of Candidacy.


Other Forms and Resources

For more information about elections and being a candidate, read:

All Elections Nunavut forms and many other resources are available here: