Election Basics

The Nunavut Elections Act is the law we follow to elect Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs). Nunavummiut have the right to vote and help decide who forms the territorial government.

The principles of the Nunavut Elections Act are to:

  • Encourage people to vote.
  • Make it easy for voters to vote if they want to.
  • Remove barriers for people who want to be candidates.
  • Help the public be more aware about elections.
  • Write public information in all Nunavut’s official languages.
  • Cooperate with others - such as people who run other elections in Nunavut - to share information, learn, train staff, and deliver better election services.
  • Run an effective, efficient election.
  • Respect the geography, languages, and other unique things about Nunavut.
  • Evaluate the election process and make sure it meets the needs of Nunavummiut.


Types of Elections

General election

A general election is when Nunavummiut voters elect all Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs). The MLAs form the Government of Nunavut and make laws. We have a general election every four years to elect an MLA in each constituency. All eligible Nunavummiut voters can vote in a general election.


A by-election is when eligible voters in one constituency elect an MLA. This can happen when an MLA leaves their job before the next general election. We have a by-election if an MLA leaves their job before the next general election. Only voters in that constituency can vote in a by-election.