Voting in a Plebiscite

Who Can Vote in a Plebiscite?

Some plebiscites are Nunavut-wide and open to all voters. Some are limited to a specific area or group. The plebiscite area and voting group are stated when a plebiscite is announced.

To vote, you must be in the plebiscite area and voting group. You must also be:

  • A Canadian citizen;
  • 18 years or older;
  • A Nunavut resident; AND,
  • Not disqualified from voting (see “Disqualifications” below).

Who is a Nunavut Resident?

You are a Nunavut resident if:

  • You have been living in Nunavut for at least one year before the plebiscite voting day; OR,
  • You are living away temporarily, but Nunavut is still your home (for example, students, medical patients, and people in jail).

You are not a Nunavut resident if you leave Nunavut for a permanent job.


You may not vote if:

  • You have a court order that says you don’t understand your actions or you can’t decide things for yourself;
  • You committed a crime and are in a place for people with mental illness; OR,
  • You have been convicted of breaking an election law anywhere in Canada in the last five years.

Voters List

To vote in a plebiscite, you must be on the Voters List. This is Elections Nunavut’s list of everyone in Nunavut who can vote in elections, by-elections, and plebiscites. You can add yourself at any time, including on the day you vote if you have the proper identification. See Voters List for more information.

How Do I Vote in a Plebiscite?

The options for voting in a Nunavut-wide plebiscite are the same as for territorial elections. Voting in local plebiscites is usually the same as any local election.

  • For more information on voting options, see: How to Vote.