Final Cease and Desist Order issued against Josie Okalik Eegeesiak


RANKIN INLET, Nunavut - The Chief Electoral Officer for Nunavut yesterday issued a final Cease & Desist Order against Josie Okalik Eegeesiak directing her to not campaign or conduct other election related activities. As a result of a complaint against her, the facts confirmed in the RCMP investigation showed that she was not continuously resident in Nunavut for the 12 months before election day as required under the Nunavut Elections Act. This final Order continues an earlier Order made last week to allow . Ms. Eegeesiak an opportunity to respond to the findings of the RCMP investigation. However, Ms. Eegeesiak did not provide any evidence or argument on her residency status during her hearing yesterday. The October 27 election for the Member of the Legislative Assembly for the constituency of Iqaluit Centre will continue without Ms. Eegeesiak’s name on the ballot. Action was taken to preserve the integrity of the electoral process in Nunavut. There is a pressing public interest to preserve the right of voters to be able to select a candidate who is eligible to be a candidate in this election and to sit as a member of the Legislative Assembly.

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