Liquor Plebiscite-Gjoa Haven



A liquor plebiscite was held in Gjoa Haven today to determine the community’s wishes on the availability of liquor. Currently consumption, possession and importation of alcohol is prohibited. 

Voters were asked if they were in favour of repealing the prohibition and replacing it with an Alcohol Education Committee. The AEC could decide who would be able to bring liquor into the community or consume it and determine the amount of liquor a person could possess or import.

A similar question was asked in 2005. 

Today as in 2005, most ballots were in favour of maintaining prohibition. 176 (38%) voters cast a ballot in favour of change, while 287 (61%) voted to maintain the status quo. Fourteen ballots were rejected. The threshold for change is 60%.

Voter turnout today was high with 83% of the 571 voters on the municipal voters list coming out to cast a ballot.


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