Liquor Plebiscites



Voters went to the polls in two Nunavut hamlets today to decide quite different questions relating to the management of liquor in their communities.

In Whale Cove petitioners had sought to end the current system of liquor prohibition and replace it with the establishment of an Alcohol Education Committee while in Cambridge Bay petitioners wanted to increase the powers of the local alcohol committee established under the Liquor Act, allowing the committee to decide who could import and consume liquor and the quantity that a person could import.

Voters in Whale Cove were asked “Are you in favour of ending the current system of liquor prohibition and establishing an Alcohol Education Committee?” Eighty valid ballots in total were cast; 53 votes (66%) were ‘yes’, while 27 (34%) were ‘no’. Voter turnout was 51%. Alcohol prohibition will end in Whale Cove and will be replaced by the election of an Alcohol Education Committee.

In Cambridge Bay where there were 762 eligible voters, 122 ballots or 43.7% wer2 cast in favour of the question while 157 (56.3%) were against it. No ballots were rejected. Voter turnout was 36.6%. There will be no increase in the powers of the local alcohol committee as a result of this plebiscite.

For change to occur in a community’s liquor status as a result of a liquor plebiscite, at least 60% of the valid votes cast must be in favour of the question.


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