What’s new for the 2017 General Election?


Recent amendments to the Nunavut Elections Act have created some changes for the 2017 General Election.


  •      Fixed Election Date

There are now rules for when a General Election will take place. The next Election is October 30th, 2017.


  •      Rules for Government of Nunavut Employees

The rules have been clarified for public servants who want to become a candidate or financial agent. For more information, please refer to how to be a financial agent and how to be a candidate.


  •      Serving Liquor on Election Day

Establishments can now serve liquor on Election Day. However, it is still an offence to try and influence how a person votes by offering them liquor.


  •      Broadcasting Campaign Material      

Candidates can now broadcast campaign material on Election Day and the day before Election Day. This also includes the use of social media during this time.


  •      Publishing Financial Returns

The Chief Electoral Officer will now publish a notice in the newspaper advising the public on how to obtain a copy of candidate’s financial returns.




A recent amendment to the Summary Conviction Procedures Regulations has also created a change for the 2017 General Election.

  •      Fines for Failure to Prepare and Send in a Financial Return

Candidates and their financial agents may be fined for failing to prepare and send the financial return before the end of the post-election period (60 days after the election).