Voters List

What is the Voters List?

You must be on the Voters List to vote.

It is a list of everyone who has the right to vote in Nunavut. It includes each voter’s name, mailing address, and municipal address (house and lot number).

How Do We Use the Voters List?

Elections Nunavut uses the Voters List to help us make sure no one votes twice. It is also used to mail out Voter Information Cards before an election. These tell you where and when you can vote in your community.

The Voters List is used only for elections activities. It is not used for jury duty or any other purpose.

Am I on the Voters List?

To find out if you are on the Voters List, ask your local Returning Officer (the person who manages the election activities in your community). Or, contact Elections Nunavut:

How Do I Get on the Voters List?

There are two ways to get on the Voters List:

  1. Complete the Voter Registration Form online. Print it and send it to us.
  2. Complete the form when you go to vote. You may need to provide identification.

Changes or Corrections

To change or correct your information on the Voters List: