Who Can Vote?

You can vote if you are:

  • A Canadian citizen;
  • 18 years or older;
  • A Nunavut resident; AND,
  • Not disqualified from voting (see “Disqualifications” below).

Who is a Nunavut Resident?

You are a Nunavut resident if:

  • You have been living in Nunavut for at least one year before Election Day; OR,
  • You are living away temporarily, but Nunavut is still your home (for example, students, medical patients, and people in jail).

You are not a Nunavut resident if you leave Nunavut for a permanent job. If you live in two places throughout the year, you should vote where you live more than six months of the year.


You may not vote if:

  • You have a court order that says you don’t understand your actions or you can’t decide things for yourself;
  • You committed a crime and are in a place for people with mental illness; OR,
  • You have been convicted of breaking an election law anywhere in Canada in the last five years.

You Must Vote in the Constituency You Live In

For regular elections, you can vote only in the constituency you live in on Election Day. For by-elections, you can vote only in the constituency you were living in when the by-election was called.

Voters List

To vote, you must be on the Voters List. This is Elections Nunavut’s list of everyone in Nunavut who can vote. You can add yourself at any time, including at your polling place on election day with the proper identification. See Voters List for more information.

Other Forms and Resources

For more information about voting and elections, read:

Many other Elections Nunavut resources are available here: