Plebiscite Process

One of the Plebiscite Authorities wants to know what people think about an issue.

Plebiscite Authorities: Legislative Assembly, Cabinet, a Minister, or a Municipality.

May call a plebiscite only on issues for which they are responsible.


One of the Plebiscite Authorities receives a public petition asking for a plebiscite.

Must be signed by 20% of eligible voters.

The Plebiscite Authority does not have to follow the petition.

The Plebiscite Authority decides whether to hold a plebiscite.

Decision: Yes

Decision: No

The Plebiscite Authority consults Elections Nunavut.

Elections Nunavut provides feedback on:

  • Plebiscite question
  • Voting group
  • Schedule
  • Budget

The Plebiscite Authority sends formal instructions to Elections Nunavut.

The formal instructions include:

  • Final plebiscite question (must be clear, concise, and neutral)
  • Statement about whether the results are binding
  • Definition of the voting group
  • Name of authorized representative of Plebiscite Authority

Elections Nunavut runs the plebiscite.

  • Elections Nunavut officially announces the plebiscite to the public
  • Elections Nunavut holds the plebiscite vote

Elections Nunavut announces the results.

  • Elections Nunavut sends the results to the Plebiscite Authority
  • Elections Nunavut presents the results to the public