Who Can Be a Candidate?

 Elections for the Alcohol Education Committees (AEC) are  held at the same time as municipal elections. The next election will be on October 23, 2023

To be eligible as a candidate, you must be:

  • a qualified voter under the Nunavut Elections Act;
  • a Canadian citizen;
  • at least 18 years old on Election Day;
  • a resident of Nunavut for at least one year on Election Day, and
  • a resident of the municipality where you are declaring your candidacy.

You cannot run as a candidate if you are:

  • a judge of any court, other than a citizenship court;
  • a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) or a Member of Parliament;
  • an election officer;
  • in prison;
  • convicted of an election offence anywhere in Canada within the last 5 years, or
  • found by a court to not be able to make decisions for yourself.

AEC members are expected to be informed about alcohol issues in their community, to understand the liquor restriction system in their community, and to maintain fairness and transparency. An honorarium may be provided to AEC members for their time.

To become a candidate, download a declaration of candidacy. Fill it in and submit it to your local Returning Officer.