About Us

Elections Nunavut administers territorial, municipal and District Education Authority (DEA) elections, as well as territorial and local plebiscites. Elections Nunavut is all the people that work to make an electoral event happen.  They have a duty to follow the Nunavut Elections Act and the Plebiscites Act and be faithful to them.

Elections Nunavut administers the Liquor Act Elections & Plebiscite through an agreement with the Department of Finance.

Elections Nunavut includes:

  • Chief Electoral Officer and staff in Rankin Inlet
  • Election officers

Chief Electoral Officer

The Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) has an office and staff in Rankin Inlet. The CEO looks after everything about Nunavut’s elections and plebiscites. They make sure everyone follows the Nunavut Elections Act and the Plebiscites Act.

The Commissioner of Nunavut appoints the CEO. The Legislative Assembly recommends who the Commissioner should appoint. Each CEO has their job for seven years and the Commissioner can appoint the same person for a second term of seven years.

Chief Electoral Officer of Nunavut - Travel Expense Disclosure

Election officers

Election officers are people who work for Elections Nunavut during an election or a plebiscite.

They include:

  • Returning officers

  • Assistant returning officers

  • Registration clerks

  • Deputy returning officers

  • Poll clerks