Results - Kugluktuk Liquor Plebiscite

RANKIN INLET, Nunavut – (October 22, 2018)  - On October 22, eligible voters in Kugluktuk voted on the following question:

"Are you in favour of ending the current system of liquor restriction in Kugluktuk and having an unrestricted system where only the general liquor laws of Nunavut apply?"

The results of this plebiscite are as follows:

       # of Votes      % of votes cast
    YES votes 281  60.8%
    NO votes 181 39.2%
    Rejected ballots 0  
    Total Votes 462 100%

 Voter turnout: 67.7%

For more information about the Liquor Act contact or call 1.855.844.5488