The COVID-19 pandemic will have an impact on how we administer the October 25, 2021 General Election. 

We are working closely with the Chief Public Health Officer to ensure our communities have an opportunity to participate in forming our government while remaining safe. Learn more.

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Election Guidelines During COVID-19

Plebiscite Process

One of the Plebiscite Authorities wants to know what people think about an issue.

Plebiscite Authorities: Legislative Assembly, Cabinet, a Minister, or a Municipality.

May call a plebiscite only on issues for which they are responsible.


One of the Plebiscite Authorities receives a public petition asking for a plebiscite.

Must be signed by 20% of eligible voters.

The Plebiscite Authority does not have to follow the petition.

The Plebiscite Authority decides whether to hold a plebiscite.

Decision: Yes

Decision: No

The Plebiscite Authority consults Elections Nunavut.

Elections Nunavut provides feedback on:

  • Plebiscite question
  • Voting group
  • Schedule
  • Budget

The Plebiscite Authority sends formal instructions to Elections Nunavut.

The formal instructions include:

  • Final plebiscite question (must be clear, concise, and neutral)
  • Statement about whether the results are binding
  • Definition of the voting group
  • Name of authorized representative of Plebiscite Authority

Elections Nunavut runs the plebiscite.

  • Elections Nunavut officially announces the plebiscite to the public
  • Elections Nunavut holds the plebiscite vote

Elections Nunavut announces the results.

  • Elections Nunavut sends the results to the Plebiscite Authority
  • Elections Nunavut presents the results to the public