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About Municipal Council Elections

Municipal Council Elections

The municipal council is responsible for the municipality’s budget, as well as services like animal control, employment, roads, water, sewage, and recreation.

  • There are 25 municipal councils across Nunavut.
  • A municipal council normally has eight councillors plus a mayor, all of whom are elected locally every four years.
  • The next municipal General Election will be on October 23, 2023.
  • The rules guiding municipal council elections can be found in the Nunavut Elections Act (starting on Section 224.1).
  • A candidate can run for mayor or for municipal councillor, but not for both.
  • Following an election, one of the councillors is appointed deputy mayor from within the council.
  • By-elections may be held if a mayoral seat becomes vacant, but there are no by-elections for councillors.