Legislative Assembly establishes electoral boundaries commission

The Legislative Assembly today approved a motion to establish an Electoral Boundaries Commission.

Section 14 of the Nunavut Elections Act requires that an electoral boundaries commission “must be established for Nunavut every 10 years commencing in 2022”. The last electoral boundaries commission was established in 2010. Its final report was tabled in the Legislative Assembly on September 28, 2011.

The Legislative Assembly has unanimously recommended the appointments of the Honourable Justice Susan Cooper and Messrs. Michael Hughson and John Maurice to serve on the Electoral Boundaries Commission. Justice Cooper will serve as the Commission’s Presiding Officer.

Under the Nunavut Elections Act, the Electoral Boundaries Commission must submit its final report and recommendations to the Legislative Assembly within 250 days of its establishment.

“The members of the Electoral Boundaries Commission have strong records of community service and diverse professional backgrounds in the public and private sectors,” said Speaker Akoak. “The Commission will be releasing further information on its work over the coming months.”

Electoral Boundaries Commission FAQ