Public meeting about liquor plebiscite in Iqaluit

A public information meeting will be held in Iqaluit on October 12, 2022, at 6 p.m. at the Nunatta Sunakkutaangit Museum regarding the upcoming plebiscite for off-premises beer sales licences in Iqaluit.

Representatives from the Department of Finance and Elections Nunavut will be in attendance to provide information about the plebiscite, Nunavut’s liquor laws and the voting process. All residents of Iqaluit are invited to attend. Refreshments will be provided.
Later this month, Iqalummiut will vote on whether to allow the Nunavut Liquor and Cannabis Board (NLCB) to be able to issue off-premises licences to local breweries for the sale of beer from their premises.

If approved, this type of licence would allow breweries in Iqaluit to sell limited amounts of beer directly to customers from their location. The sales limit for this type of licence is a minimum of six cans or bottles to a maximum of twelve 355ml containers of beer per person, per day.

Off-premises licences are permitted under the Liquor Act; however, a local plebiscite is required before a new type of licence can be issued for the first time in a community.

The plebiscite will be held in Iqaluit on October 24, 2022, with advanced voting on October 17, 2022. Under the Liquor Act, at least 60 per cent of voters need to vote “yes” to approve the change. If the vote is “no”, sales licences remain unchanged.

For more information about the public meeting, please email or call 867-975-6816.