Release - Kugaaruk Plebiscite Results

RANKIN INLET, Nunavut – (February 25, 2019)  -.

On February 25, eligible voters in Kugaaruk voted on the following question:

Are you in favour of replacing the current prohibition system in Kugaaruk with a system that restricts quantities of beer and wine and prohibits spirits? In addition to the general liquor laws of Nunavut, this system would

prohibit the possession, purchase or import of spirits in the community; and

limit the amount of beer and wine that a person can purchase in or import into the community every seven days to four litres of wine, and nine litres of beer.

The results of this plebiscite are as follows:

   Number of Votes  Percentage of Votes Cast
  YES 135 46%
  NO 160 54%
  Rejected 2  
  Total Valid Votes 295 100%


For more information about the Liquor Act call 1.855.844.5488 or email