Voter Safety

**The following information was relevant during the 2021 Territorial General Election.  Nunavut has ended the public health emergency and all COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted.**

We are working closely with the Chief Public Health Officer to ensure our communities have an opportunity to participate in forming our government while remaining safe.

Our guiding principles

  • Inuuqatigiitsiarniq: The safety of voters, candidates, election officers and the communities is our priority. 
  • Aajiiqatigiinniq: We will work closely with the communities, candidates, voters and the Chief Public Health Officer during the election periods.
  • Ikajuqtigiinniq: We will ensure activities during the election follow the orders issued by the Chief Public Health Officer.
  • Qanuqtuurniq: We will adapt to address challenges as they arise, while preserving the integrity of the election and maintaining the confidence of Nunavummiut. 
Mask Wearing
Social Distancing
Hand washing

What we are doing to Keep You Safe

  • The rules in the Nunavut Elections Act give the Chief Electoral Officer flexibility to protect the health and safety of our communities during the election.
  • Online voter registration is available here.
  • Candidates will be provided with an online portal.
  • Our Returning Officers will safely offer mobile polls to our most vulnerable populations.
  • Voters will be encouraged to wear masks during voting in-person. You can bring your own mask, or one will be provided for you.
  • We will provide single-use pencils.
  • We will have a sanitization station for voters at every polling location.
  • We will sanitize the voting booths regularly.
  • We will make sure everyone is practicing physical distancing.
  • Protective barriers will be in place to separate voters from election officers.


What this may mean for candidates

  • The declaration of candidacy process may be changed to reduce in-person interaction with election officials.
  • Certain restrictions may be placed on-person campaigning to reduce the risk of the pandemic.
  • Campaigning in elder’s facilities, care homes or shelters may be prohibited to protect our most vulnerable populations. 
  • Limitations may be placed on in-person monitoring of voting or the count by candidates or their representatives.
  • Voting opportunities may be expanded at short notice. This may include lengthening voting days during the advance voting, or allowing longer time for mail-in ballots to arrive at our office.
  • Delays in reporting election results due to safety measures taken by Elections Nunavut.

What this may mean for voters

  • Voters will be encouraged to vote during advance voting opportunities. 
  • Voters may be more comfortable voting by mail-in ballot than attending a polling location. 
  • Voters may not get a chance to interact in-person with their candidates.
  • Voters who are unwell or in isolation will be encouraged to vote by mail-in ballot.
Information for Candidates

Campaigning safely during COVID-19