RESULTS - Gjoa Haven Liquor Plebiscite


  TOTAL Votes Total %
YES votes 155 39.95%
NO votes 233 60.05%
Total valid votes 388  
Rejected ballots 5  



Plebiscite Question

Are you in favour of replacing the current prohibited liquor system in Gjoa Haven with a restricted quantities system?

A restricted quantities system would limit the amount of liquor that a person can purchase in or import into the community every 14 days to:

  • 24 cans of 355 ml or less of beer or other liquor with no more than 8% alcohol by volume (example ciders or coolers)

  • 4 litres of wine (example 5 bottles of 750ml)

Voting YES means, you want the law to change.

Voting NO means, you want the law to stay the same.