What’s new for the 2021 General Election?

Recent amendments to the Nunavut Elections Act have created some changes for candidates and voters in the 2021 General Election.

Local Time to be Used for Election Day

  • The polls will now be open on Election day from 9am to 7pm local time in every constituency.

Introduction of a Future Voters List 

  • 16 and 17-year old’s can now register to vote (but they will still have to wait until they turn 18 to vote).

Rules for Members of Municipal Council Who Want to Run

  • Mayors or councillors who wish to become a candidate in an MLA election must take leave from their position on council.  

Expand Emergency Voting    

  • The use of emergency voting (telephone voting) has been expanded to allow for those who are unable to vote on Election Day because of an unexpected absence.

Elimination of Proxy Voting

  • By expanding emergency voting, anyone who may have voted by proxy can now vote by emergency voting. Proxy voting will no longer be available.

Deadline for Special (mail-in) ballot applications

  • To ensure ballots can be processed, delivered, and returned on time, the deadline for applying for a mail-in ballot is 7 days before election day.

Exception for Audit Requirement

  • Audits will not be required if the candidate received less than $500 in contributions and spent less than $500 on their campaign.

Limit on total amount of Anonymous Contributions

  • A Financial Agent can not accept more than $2,500 in total anonymous contributions.

Clarify When an Account needs to be Opened by the Financial Agent

  • A financial agent must open an account before receiving contributions, and no later than 21 days before election.