Local option liquor plebiscite in Kugluktuk

Kugluktuk liquor Plebiscite 

On May 16, eligible voters in Kugluktuk voted on the following question:

 "Are you in favour of replacing the current unrestricted liquor system in Kugluktuk with a restricted quantities system?

A restricted quantities system would limit the amount of liquor that a person can purchase in or import into the community every 14 days to:

  1. 1.775 litres of spirits (example 1 bottle of 60 ounces);

And one of the following two options:

  1. 48 cans of 355 ml or less of beer and other liquor with no more than 8% alcohol by volume (example ciders or coolers)
  2. 3.75 litres of wine (example 5 bottles of 750 ml)."


The results of this plebiscite are as follows:

  # of Votes % of votes cast
YES votes 190  66.20%
NO votes 97  33.79%
Rejected ballots  4  
Total Votes 287  

Voter turnout: 38%